Introducing Sudden Depth 2.1

The Sudden Depth 2.1 stereoscopic image toolkit, with new OpenGL support, is now available. It runs on Windows 95, 98, NT4, and NT 2000 PC operating systems. Stereoscopic formats supported include Above-Below, Line-Alternate, Side-by-Side, Cyberscope, and Squashed Side-by-Side.

Sudden Depth 2.1 works great for:

  • Stereoscopic photography
  • Working with rendered computer graphics stereo images
  • Processing stereoscopic animation frames
  • Medical, dental, x-ray imagery
  • Mapping image systems
  • CAD or scientific stereoscopic images
  • Creating or improving stereoscopic presentations

Sudden Depth 2.1 supports industry standard image file formats, from the various standard formats like BMP, JPEG, and Photo CD, to the new JPS stereoscopic JPEG format, from monochrome to full color. Sudden Depth 2.1 displays full-screen, and supports document resolutions all the way up to 6000 x 3000 pixels. Sudden Depth 2.1's fast image processing engine dithers, rescales, rotates, and does format conversions before your eyes. Stereoscopy has never been simpler!

Sudden Depth 2.1's easy to use features and capabilities include:

  • Precise symmetrical alignment adjustment
  • Automatic aspect ratio adjustment
  • Edge-setting and cropping tools
  • Precision rotation and rescaling
  • Fully automatic centering and border matching
  • Supports numerous file formats including JPEG and Photo CD
  • Reads and writes .JPS stereoscopic JPEG format
  • Complete file format and stereo format conversion operations
  • Brightness, contrast, sharpness, and other image adjustments
  • Stereo palette matching, optimization, and dithering
  • Powerful macro capabilities
  • Smart slide show engine that converts images to your stereo format
  • Full-screen stereoscopy with only-when-needed menu bar

With Sudden Depth 2.1, vertical misalignment, caused by "blank interval" variations or stereoscopic format mismatches, are a thing of the past. Using JPS encoding of standard JPEG files, Sudden Depth 2.1 can keep track of stereoscopic formats, resolutions, and blank intervals so you don't have to. In fact, Sudden Depth 2.1's slide show module (also included on the free Sudden Depth Stereo Viewer & Demo program) can convert stereoscopic formats on the fly, to match the user's stereoscopic display format, all while the slide show is playing. The result is perfectly aligned stereo images, every slide, every slide show.

Sudden Depth includes powerful macro capabilities. These macro tools are perfect for processing sequences of hundreds or thousands of stereoscopic animation frames. Or, you could use Sudden Depth 2.1's macro capabilities to automatically process groups of files to format them for a stereoscopic slide show. Sudden Depth 2.1 makes it all easy.

Sudden Depth 2.1 also features a graphical user interface that is a joy to use, either in or out of stereo display mode, all without sacrificing 100% full screen graphics.

Finally, most of Sudden Depth 2.1's features can be used for working with or macro-processing non-stereoscopic images.

Sudden Depth 2.1 is available now, at a price of US$299 (Sudden Depth requires compatible stereoscopic display hardware, which is not included in the software purchase price). If you like, you can download the free demo version. You can try it out, read the help files, learn about stereoscopy, and look at some stereoscopic images.

For more information about Sudden Depth 2.1, or the Sudden Depth Stereo Viewer & Demo, please drop me an e-mail at .

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